You read it here first: Compuware confirms Covisint spin-off

Bob Paul Compuware
Compuware’s Bob Paul

I had the skinny on a possible spin-off of Compuware’s vertical industry collaboration and B2B exchange division Covisint back in May 2011. Back then I’d been suggesting to Compuware president Bob Paul that Covisint didn’t really sit that well with the rest of Compuware’s performance, portfolio and systems management products, and he tended to agree.

Paul admitted Compuware could spin Covisint off in 2012, and just before Christmas last year the firm announced it would IPO 20% of Covisint in 2013. So it was getting closer, but it wasn’t quite a spin-off announcement.

But today, as part of its rejection of a bid to acquire Compuware by Elliott Management Corp, Compuware also said that after the IPO it will hand the remaining 80% of Covisint shares to Compuware shareholders.

My original news came from a podcast interview I had done with Paul, in which he also outlined his vision for ‘Compuware 2.0’ and his views on the firm’s relevance in the era of virtualisation and cloud computing. Find that and the original story here.

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