724 Solutions Inc. (Inactive)

05:03, March 23 2010

724 Solutions Inc. (Inactive)

3916 State St.,
Ste. 200
Santa Barbara
United States of America
Phone: 1 805 8848308
Fax: 18-05-8848311

Company Overview

724 Solutions Inc. (724 Solutions) is an IP based solutions providing company. It provides IP based solutions for mobile broadband, mobile internet and IP messaging. Its key product is X-treme Framework Platform (XF), which is a data traffic control and service management platform built for mobile operators for accessing and messaging devices which are connected or subscribed. The XF consists of value added services, protocol adapter and workflow based control for traffic and services. The company also provides deployment services and support services. Its key customers include the following ALLTEL, China Mobile, DNA, Ericsson, HELIO/Virgin, Sprint Nextel, Nokia and Vodafone UK, among others. The company was acquired by Mobixell. 724 Solutions is headquartered in Santa Barbara in California, the US.

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