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  • B+S Banksysteme AG

    B+S Banksysteme AG (B+S) is a financial service provider. The company develops and markets software solutions for banks and financial management....

    03:03, March 29 2010

  • B.G. Negev Technologies Ltd

    B.G. Negev Technologies and Applications Ltd. (BGN) of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) serves as the link between industry and academic...

    16:01, January 4 2010

  • B2B Software Technologies Ltd.

    B2B Software Technologies Ltd. (B2B Software) is a technology company that offers IT managed services and business consulting services. The company...

    03:03, March 23 2010

  • Bab-Hitachi Software

    Bab-Hitachi Software K.K. is Japan based software development company engaged in providing network system and POS related software. Its product...

    13:04, April 21 2010

  • BAeHAL Software Limited

    BAeHAL Software Limited (BAeHAL) is an information technology company that provides IT solutions and services. The company offers business...

    08:03, March 30 2010

  • Bahrain Telecommunications Company B.S.C

    Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco) is a provider of integrated communication services. The company provides communications products and...

    09:04, April 20 2011

  • Baidu, Inc.

    Baidu, Inc. is a Chinese-language Internet search provider. It offers Chinese-language search engine, and focuses on online marketing operations,...

    05:03, March 16 2012

  • Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

    Bajaj Electricals Ltd. (BEL) is a diversified company, based in India. The company has interests in Lighting, Luminaries, Fans, Appliances and...

    13:06, June 29 2009

  • BakBone Software Incorporated (Inactive)

    BakBone Software Incorporated (BakBone Software) is the US-based software data protection solutions provider. It is principally engaged in offering...

    17:10, October 17 2011

  • Baker Robbins & Company

    Baker Robbins & Company (Baker Robbins) is engaged in providing of technology solutions related to the business objectives of law firms and...

    18:03, March 26 2010

  • Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd.

    Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. (Balmer Lawrie) is a general business company. The company concentrates on providing the greases and lubricants. Its...

    06:10, October 29 2013

  • Baltic Data Center

    Baltic Data Center (BDC) is a data centre and IT management service provider. The company provides infrastructure services. It offers IT management...

    09:04, April 7 2010

  • BancTec, Inc.

    BancTec, Inc. (BancTec) is a business process outsourcing company. The company provides financial transaction automation and document managing...

    IT Services

    09:07, July 28 2011

  • BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc.

    BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc. (BANDAI NAMCO), formerly NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. is a technology company that operates in the entertainment industry....

    19:12, December 2 2011

  • Bandai Visual Co., Ltd.

    Bandai Visual Co., Ltd. (Bandai Visual) is a visual software developing company that plans, develops, creates, and markets visual programs and...

    IT Services

    12:03, March 23 2010

  • Bangalore Softsell Ltd.

    Bangalore Softsell Ltd. (Bangalore Softsell) is a software company. The company helps in migrating applications from legacy platforms to modern...


    07:03, March 30 2010

  • Limited Limited (Bango) is a mobile technology service provider. The company develops and offers internet payment solutions for smartphones,...

    05:03, March 29 2010

  • Bankruptcy Management Solutions, Inc.

    Bankruptcy Management Solutions, Inc. (BMS) is an information technology company that provides technology platform and software solutions for the...

    The Boardroom

    17:03, March 25 2010

  • Banta Corporation

    Banta Corporation is a technology and market leader in printing and supply-chain management services. Its integrated approach provides a...

    10:01, January 28 2010

  • Barco N.V.

    Barco N.V. (Barco) is a manufacturer of networked visualization products. It designs, develops and sells visualization solutions for varied...


    05:11, November 21 2012

  • Barcoding Inc.

    Barcoding Inc. (Barcoding) is a technology company that provides software and solutions in project planning and development, implementation and...


    18:03, March 25 2010

  • Baron

    Baron is a telecommunication service provider and positioned as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). The company is engaged in rendering its...

    10:04, April 7 2010

  • Barrett, Vernon, Montgomery LLC

    Barrett, Vernon, Montgomery LLC is a venture capital firm that invests in start up and growth stage technology development companies. The company...

    07:02, February 1 2010

  • Barron McCann Technology Limited

    Barron McCann Technology Limited (Barron McCann) is an IT company providing payment solutions, secure data services and network security services....

    10:03, March 30 2010

  • Bart & Associates, Inc.

    Bart & Associates, Inc. (B&A) is a technology company that provides enterprise software solutions to its customers. The company offers...

    05:03, March 26 2010

  • Bartholomew County REMC

    Bartholomew County REMC (BCREMC) is a nonprofit electric utility cooperative. It carries out the distribution of electrical power and energy...

    11:10, October 24 2011

  • Bartronics India Limited

    Bartronics India Limited (Bartronics India) is a bar code solution provider. The company defines, designs and delivers technology enabled business...


    16:03, March 24 2010

  • Base One Technologies, Inc.

    Base One Technologies, Inc. (Base One) is an information technology company. The company develops and delivers business strategic solutions. It...

    IT Network

    09:03, March 25 2010

  • Base Technologies Inc

    Base Technologies Inc. (Base Technologies ) is a IT solutions company, based in the US. The company provides IT solutions to federal, commercial...

    15:03, March 25 2010

  • BASF IT Services GmbH

    BASF IT Services GmbH (BASF IT) is an information technology service provider. The company offers design, setup and integration, optimization and...

    IT Services

    14:03, March 24 2010

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