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  • X-Gen

    X-Gen is the developer, publisher, and technology provider for the Web, WiiWare™, and iPhone.The XGen Studios conceptualizes, develops, and...

    09:12, December 29 2009

  • XactiMed, Inc.

    XactiMed, Inc. provides web-based revenue cycle solutions and outsourcing services to the healthcare industry. The company's offers claims,...

    05:12, December 7 2009

  • Xactware Solutions, Inc.

    Xactware Solutions, Inc. (Xactware) provides software solutions and services for underwriting and property claims. The company specializes in...

    13:02, February 4 2013

  • Xanatek, Inc

    Xanatek, Inc (Xanatek) is a software company. The company provides computer services and software programs for the insurance industry. Its...


    13:03, March 29 2010

  • Xandros Incorporated

    Xandros Incorporated (Xandros) is a technology company, based in the US. It provides Linux-based server, desktop and Windows-Linux cross-platform...

    12:03, March 26 2010

  • Xantel, Inc.

    Xantel, Inc. (Xantel) is an information technology service provider that develops and markets enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The...

    08:04, April 1 2010

  • Xceleris Corporation

    Xceleris Corporation (Xceleris) is a technology service provider. The company provides information technology and management consulting services....

    The Boardroom

    15:03, March 26 2010

  • Xchanging Plc

    Xchanging plc (Xchanging) is a provider of technology enabled business processing and procurement services to customers across a wide range of...

    IT Services

    05:05, May 12 2011

  • Xchanging Solutions Limited

    Xchanging Solutions Limited (Xchanging), formerly known as Cambridge Solutions Limited, offers a complete array of IT and business process...

    11:03, March 25 2010

  • Xcite Mobiles Ltd.

    Xcite Mobiles Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing the cellular phones. Xcite Mobiles Ltd. is heaquartered at

    10:12, December 17 2009

  • XClinical GmbH

    XClinical GmbH (XClinical) is a healthcare technology company that develops and offers software solutions and technical services for use in...

    Other verticals inc web/manu/bio/trans

    13:11, November 2 2012

  • XCOm AG

    XCOM AG (Xcom) is an information technology company. The company provides solutions for ecommerce, ebusiness, ebrokerage and ebanking. Its...


    12:04, April 21 2010

  • Xebex America, Inc.

    Xebex America Inc. (Xebex) is a technology services providing company. The company is principally engaged in delivering an array of IT and business...

    07:04, April 1 2010

  • Xebia B.V.

    Xebia B.V. (Xebia) is an information technology company. The company provides IT consultancy services. Its services include radial time to market,...


    11:03, March 30 2010

  • Xeikon N.V.

    Xeikon N.V. (Xeikon), formerly Punch Graphix N.V. is a provider of digital color printing technology. The company designs, develops and offers...

    15:10, October 19 2011

  • Xenos Group Inc.

    Xenos Group Inc. (Xenos) is a software development company, based in Canada. The company develops software solutions for banking, insurance,...

    14:03, March 23 2010

  • Xerox Corporation

    Xerox Corporation (Xerox) is a provider of document management and business solutions. The company principally is specialized in designing,...

    10:11, November 10 2010

  • XFormity Technologies, Inc.

    XFormity Technologies, Inc. (XFormity) is an information technology company, based in the US. The company provides business solutions to multi-unit...

    17:03, March 23 2010

  • Xilinx, Inc.

    Xilinx, Inc. (Xilinx) carries out activities related to design, development and marketing of programmable devices, and technologies for customers...

    14:06, June 28 2011


    XIRING is a provider of security solutions for for electronic transactions, based in France. The company is engaged in the development and...

    17:03, March 23 2010

  • XL Group, Inc.

    XL Group, Inc. (XL Group) is a technology service providing company. The company provides information technology solutions and services. Its...


    04:06, June 3 2011

  • Xlent AB

    XLENT AB (XLENT) is an information technology consulting company that provides technology management and consulting services. Its services include...

    The Boardroom

    16:03, March 24 2010

  • XNET Corporation

    XNET Corporation (XNET) is an information technology solution provider. The company provides application outsourcing services. It offers services...

    13:04, April 21 2010

  • XO Holdings, Inc.

    XO Holdings, Inc. (XOH) is a communications service provider. The company’s service portfolio includes, data and IP services, such as dedicated...

    12:10, October 19 2011

  • Xoriant Corporation

    Xoriant Corporation (Xoriant) is an information technology service provider. The company provides product development and engineering, and...


    16:03, March 24 2010

  • XOX Com Sdn Bhd.

    XOX Com Sdn Bhd. (XOX) is a telecommunication service provider. The company provides communication and mobile services to the Chinese community. It...

    02:04, April 8 2010

  • Xploite plc

    Xploite plc (Xploite) is engaged in the discovery, consolidation and development of high growth businesses in the market of information technology...

    13:03, March 23 2010

  • XRF Analytical AB

    XRF Analytical AB (XRF Analytical) is engaged in the development, manufacture and commercialization of software for x-ray spectrometers to analysis...

    17:03, March 23 2010

  • XRS Corporation

    XRS Corporation (XRS) is a software solution provider. The company provides fleet management and compliance software solutions to commercial...


    20:12, December 24 2012

  • Xtracom Consulting Group AB (publ)

    Xtracom Consulting Group AB (publ) (Xtracom) is a information technology (IT) company. It is mainly engaged in consulting services. The company...

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