abc Multiactive Limited


13:04, April 21 2010

abc Multiactive Limited

17th Floor, Regent Centre
88 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Phone: 852 2 5982888
Fax: 85-22-5982000

No. employees: 27
Turnover: 02.54 (US$m)
Financial year end: November

Company Overview

abc Multiactive Limited (abc Multiactive) is a business solution provider. The company provides solution to the business in the Asia Pacific region. It develops e-finance, CRM and e-business software solutions. abc Multiactive offer services such as implementation, maintenance, customization, trading, settlement, internet trade, mobile trade, wealth management and risk management services. The company’s solutions include OCTO STP core solutions, and OCTO STP add-on modules and maximizer customer relationship management software solutions. The company partners with Microsoft, ACTL, IBM, ACW Distribution and SiS International Limited. Its customers are in HK, China, Taiwan, and Japan. abc Multiactive is headquartered in Hong Kong.

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