Accent Technologies, Inc.


12:03, March 30 2010

Accent Technologies, Inc.

Suite C
1270 Lake Washington Road
United States of America
Phone: 1 321 2427438

Company Overview

Accent Technologies, Inc. (Accent Technologies) is a technology service providing company that offers cloud-based sales enablement solutions. The company develops and provides document and presentation management software solutions. Its products include ACCELERATOR, LIBRARIAN, eCOMMUNICATOR and PRESENTATION LIBRARIAN. Accent Technologies provides services including user adaption, awareness campaign and communications, custom training and support materials, surveys and feedback sessions, understanding and assessing available content. It also offers aligning with the sales process, content organization and taxonomy, content automation and distribution, content effectiveness tracking and metrics, content strategy and development, content aggregation and development, content sourcing, content branding and re-branding. The company serves sales and marketing, wealth management, financial services, asset management, banking, insurance and healthcare sectors. Accent Technologies is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the US.

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