Adaptive Computing Enterprises Inc

CIO Agenda

13:03, March 30 2010

Adaptive Computing Enterprises Inc

Suite 300
1712 South East Bay Boulevard
United States of America
Phone: 1 801 7173700
Fax: 18-01-7173738

No. employees: 120

Company Overview

Adaptive Computing Enterprises Inc. (Adaptive Computing) is a software service provider. The company provides software solutions. Its products include Moab Cloud Suite, Moab HPC Suite – Basic Edition, Moab HPC Suite – Enterprise Edition, Moab HPC Suite – Grid Option and TORQUE Resource Manager. Adaptive Computing also offers training and technical support services. It has strategic partnership alliances with HP, IBM, Microsoft, SGI, Cray, and other technology companies. The company has its presence in Singapore and the UK. Adaptive Computing is headquartered in Provo, Utah, the US.

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