AMT Computers

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07:03, March 31 2010

AMT Computers

540 Indian Boundary Road
United States of America
Phone: 1 219 9262124
Fax: 12-19-3958968

Company Overview

AMT Computers (AMT) is an information technology service provider. The company provides repair and design computers and network systems for home and business users. Its business services include voice over IP transitions, system design, development and deployment, network infrastructure design and deployment, backup redundancy configurations, new workstation and purchases, remote desktop and VPN setups, firewall deployment, end user support and spam filtering, among others. AMT provides consumer services such as in-home computer evaluations, wireless networking solutions, data migrations, peripheral installations, software installations, hardware upgrades, email configuration and ISP installation, among others. The company also offers support services to its customers. AMT is headquartered in Chesterton, Indiana, the US.

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