NanoOpto Corp.

10:07, July 1 2010

NanoOpto Corp.

1600 Cottontail Lane
United States of America
Phone: 1 732 6270808
Fax: 17-32-6279886

No. employees: 31

Company Overview

NanoOpto Corp. (NanoOpto) is a US based nanotechnology company.The company is a division of API Nanotronics Corp. It is into the research, design and production of optical system building blocks and components. The company is engaged in nanoscale patterning, wafer fabrication and processing, and advanced thin film deposition works. NanoOpto is principally focused on developing the high-performance optical chips. The product portfolio of the company includes deep ultraviolet polarizers, polarizing beam splitters or combiners, optical isolators, wave plates, micro lens arrays and WDM filters. Its products are widely used in various applications including span optical data storage, digital imaging, projection display and optical communications. The company also provides wide array of services like conformal optical coatings by atomic layer deposition, precision coatings by E-beam deposition, precision dicing, optical design and engineering. The company also serves military, aerospace, medical, telecom, communications and other electronic OEM's. NanoOpto is headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, the US.

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