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10 essential apps you need to install on your new Samsung Galaxy S5

Michael Moore

13:58, May 7 2014


All you need to get the most out of Samsung’s latest knockout device.

If you've already managed to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy S5 - congratulations, you're the proud owner of one of the finest Android devices available right now. But now you have your top of the range phone, just what should you do with it? Here is our list of ten apps you just shouldn't be without.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

The BBC has really embraced the mobile space, and recently redesigned its iPlayer app in order to better accommodate viewers using mobile and tablet devices. Offering a clear and vibrant design and interface, the app is nicely responsive, letting you search through the day's schedules in order to find any programs you might have missed, which are now available to watch or download for up to 30 days after airing.



At the end of the day, the S5 is still primarily a phone, and hopefully you will at some point make some calls or send some text messages on it. But rather than impose on your network's limits, Viber allows you to make free HD calls as well as send photos, videos and voice messages. You can set up group chats with up to 100 participants, meaning sharing is quick and easy.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Although many of us use our mobile devices for working when on the go, this is often limited to email services. Chrome Remote Desktop however, allows much more - letting you securely access your computer from your phone. Your desktop view is then displayed on screen, meaning you can access documents, photos and everything else from your home PC when on the move.

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