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18:30, August 12 1993

And Laguna Hills, California-based Carrera Computers Inc is touting its Viper R4000PC systems, which use Acer Labs Inc's Performance Enhanced Chipset Architecture for the R-series RISC. It will use it in R4000 and R4400-based Vipers, and says that in Powermeter II tests, the 50MHz Viper R4000PC did 56.82 Powermeter MIPS, the 67MHz R4400PC did 71.52 Powermeter MIPS, but a 60MHz Pentium did only 41.5 Powermeter MIPS. The Viper desktop system series will start at $3,500 with the clock-doubled R4000, 16Mb memory, 64-bit video bus with S3 video accelerator, 32-bit Ethernet, SCSI-2 interface, keyboard, mouse, a parallel and two serial ports. The monitor, hard disk drive and CD-ROM drive are extra. This month.


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