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13 ways CIOs can explain cloud computing to CFOs

IT Services Duncan MacRae

09:51, June 19 2014


What exactly is cloud computing and how will it bring value to your company?

1. Mark Corley, CTO, Avanade UK

"Avanade defines cloud computing as enabling and delivering computing services - compute power, data storage, network bandwidth, and application software - over a network on an as-needed basis. It can deliver cost savings, ROI, new revenue streams and efficiencies.

At a FTSE 100 customer we reduced OPEX by 68% and delivered a payback of three months. This was done without introducing increased risk to the organisation and whilst introducing a potential new revenue stream for the customer.
Cloud can enable new business models, allow more focus on your core business, take advantage of economies of scale and mean the capacity you pay for closely follows the capacity you use."

2. Richard Garsthagen, director of Cloud Business Development, Oracle UK

"A cloud computing model allows businesses to achieve commercial and operational flexibility by making information technology readily available as a service.

At its core, this model involves implementing on-premise capabilities like self-service, shared and elastic platforms, or in the case of public cloud gaining access to services based on these capabilities.
Investing in cloud computing allows organizations to make the most of IT as a strategic asset and support innovation. With cloud, they can respond quickly to business needs, more easily deploy new services to drive growth, and lower the cost of running existing IT components."

Source: Company Press Release


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