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20 ways to explain cloud computing to a five-year-old

IT Services Duncan MacRae

17:02, June 2 2014


The definitive definition of ‘The Cloud’, from the experts for the kids (and adults, too).

1. Richard Davies, CEO, Elastichosts

"Once upon a time, everyone's computers used to feed off a box in their office, but the more and more we used, the more boxes we needed, until there was no room for people anymore! Now there is a man called Mr Cloud who lives in the sky and looks after all the boxes for us; Mr Cloud has magic powers which means he can give people the exact amount of power they need, whenever they need it and from wherever they need it!"

2. Founder of CloudView, James Wickes

"Clouds are really safe places where we keep all our important information so that we can quickly and easily access it from anywhere under the sun with an iPhone, iPad or computer. When we have used the information we can store it safely back in the clouds."

3. Simon Antoniou, operations manager at Evercom

"Cloud Computing is the Internet's baby. If the Internet was God , then Cloud is Jesus and he has risen to create a common ground and level playing field for small businesses, business people and entrepreneurs trying to compete with the big boys."

4. Bengt Höjer, cloud manager, UNIT

"Cloud computing is like electricity, but instead of plugging into the wall to receive power you plug into the Internet to receive computing services, with both you only pay for what you use."

5. Izak Oosthuizen, MD of Exec Sys

"With the cloud, you can use a whole load of technologies directly from the internet in the same way that you access games like Minecraft!"

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