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Are these 5 cloud computing considerations more crucial than you thought?

IT Services Duncan MacRae

14:12, June 3 2014

Cloud computing is evolving. Boardroom agendas must evolve with it.

Cloud has been on a lot of boardroom agendas for quite a while, but typically those discussions have focused on using cloud around edge applications - expenses management, human capital management or perhaps CRM. However, as the cloud cover extends to business critical processes and core activities, new considerations for enterprise cloud deployment have arisen. CBR teamed up with Jim Plourde,VP SaaS solutions at Infor, to bring you five of the most important ones.

1) You should not know that your cloud is there.

Cloud delivered applications should be invisible - there should be no difference whatsoever to end users when they are faced with an application via the cloud or on premise. This begins with the user interface which needs to be intuitive and - critically - consistent across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Much of the success of the likes of Facebook is due to the fact that the social experience is not interrupted or disrupted by the cloud behind it and that the interface is so consistent. This invisibility also apples to performance - the cloud delivered applications must be just as quick - if not faster - than on premise alternatives.

2) Your cloud should be heavy and solid.

Businesses should not have to sacrifice functionality when it comes to the cloud. Applications via the cloud should be as functionally rich as the on premise version. Complete business processes demand a complete application and users will not tolerate a lighter version of an on premise application if it changes their role. Whilst a migration to a cloud alternative may provide the ideal opportunity to reduce complexity that should never be at the expense of capability. Likewise, security is non-negotiable, across not just the data centre, but also the network and the application itself.

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