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Information Intelligence Group delivers its first industry-specific public cloud SaaS solution

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22:30, May 7 2014

The SaaS solution uses hybrid cloud approach to help customers move to 3rd Platform of IT while preserving 2nd Platform investments.

EMC Information Intelligence Group has introduced its first industry-specific public cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, EMC Supplier Exchange, furthering its strategy to help customers transform business with cloud-based value office solutions that connect information to work.

Mega trends of mobile, social, cloud and Big Data are driving customers to develop next-generation, third platform applications and better harness predictive analytics to redefine their business and IT strategies. EMC Supplier Exchange is a third platform solution that extends Documentum based private cloud solutions to enable collaboration with the extended enterprise. With this hybrid cloud approach, EMC provides customers with a clear adoption path to the 3rd Platform while preserving current 2nd Platform IT investments.

By leveraging Pivotal CF, the leading enterprise PaaS powered by Cloud Foundry, EMC now brings third platform innovations such as high-scale, elasticity, multi-tenancy, and automated deployment with a cloud-independent approach that provides customers a vendor agnostic path toward cloud portability. This approach also enables the creation of cross category applications that have Big Data, Fast Data, Content and Process capabilities.

EMC Supplier Exchange, designed specifically for the Energy and Engineering industry, is said to enable project sponsors and asset owners to accelerate time to financial milestones by streamlining the fulfillment and tracking of contractual deliverables via cloud-based structured collaboration with external suppliers. EMC Supplier Exchange provides complete visibility and shared accountability for the quality of contract deliverables while expediting the distribution, review and approval of transmittals and other critical project documentation. As part of the EMC Documentum for Engineering, Plant and Facilities Management (Documentum EPFM) solution suite, EMC Supplier Exchange seamlessly integrates with EMC Documentum Capital Projects to extend support for existing business processes and interaction with critical business documents, deliverables and transmittals.

Additional Key Benefits

* Productivity gains by streamlining business processes between project owners and suppliers

* In combination with Documentum Capital Projects, facilitates compliance with industry regulations (OSHA, NERC, FERC, ISO55000)

* Securing valuable intellectual property when it leaves the project owners organization

* Provides audit trail of interactions, including acknowledgements, comments, revisions, and approvals between project owner and suppliers

* Licensing model based on number of documents managed provides flexibility to support a changing number of users without purchasing new user licenses

Melissa Webster, programme VP, Content & Digital Media Technologies, IDC, said: "We see significant room for improvement in how capital project sponsors work with their vast network of suppliers to manage the exchange of critical project documentation. In fact, this pattern of need around more structured collaboration with an extended enterprise can be seen across many industries. Today, enterprises struggle using email, FTP, and other more adhoc collaboration packages to solve the problem. But these cobbled together approaches are inconsistent and rarely meet efficiency and auditability requirements. EMC is well positioned to solve this problem, and their first move in the Energy & Engineering space looks promising."

Rohit Ghai, COO, Information Intelligence Group, EMC, said: "We are delighted to leverage the EMC Federation PaaS strategy to deliver our first industry-specific third platform solution. By complementing our Documentum based private cloud solutions with public cloud SaaS solutions based on Pivotal CF, we are helping our customers redefine work by enabling structured collaboration with external stakeholders like contractors and suppliers. Our hybrid cloud approach is the most prudent way to preserve your existing investment in second platform technologies while augmenting them with third platform capabilities."

Source: Company Press Release


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