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Google’s Quantum Computing Playground

IT Services CBR Staff Writer

14:12, May 27 2014

Users to write, run and debug software using quantum algorithms.

Google has launched its Quantum Computing Playground, a browser based WebGL Chrome experiment, which will allow users to simulate quantum scale computing right in the browser.

The company said the web-based integrated development environment (IDE), which will facilitate users to write, run and debug software using quantum algorithms.

You can also simulate quantum registers up to 22 qubits, run Grover's and Shor's algorithms with Quantum Computing Playground.

The platform features a GPU-accelerated quantum computer with a simpler IDE interface and own scripting language with debugging and 3D quantum state visualisation features.

The interface will offer the results in 2D and 3D graphs with each bar representing superpositions of qubits, while colour and height of the bars will show the amplitude and phase of a given superposition.


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