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Microsoft's new technology can guess your next gaming move

IT Services CBR Staff Writer

10:31, August 25 2014

Microsoft's speculative execution system for mobile cloud gaming called 'DeLorean'.

Researchers at Microsoft have developed a speculative execution system for mobile cloud gaming dubbed 'DeLorean', which the company claims will predict your next move.

Mainly aimed at improving cloud-based gaming capabilities, the new system works by generating speculative rendered frames of potential possible results and can mask up to 250ms of network latency.

Integrating future input prediction; state space subsampling and time shifting; misprediction compensation; and bandwidth compression, the new DeLorean system delivers speculative frames to the client a complete RTT ahead of time.

In a bid to get the best possible predictions, researchers designed the system to use information on how most players go on through the game, in addition to data on individual game play style.

In case of more complex situations, involving a shootout, the system will generate multiple guesses and pre-cache them on users' device at home and in case when the system goes wrong, players can perform simple 3D perspective adjustments via their device to one of the faulty predictions.

Researchers noted: "Multiple different scenarios are played out at the same time on the servers, and those few options are then sent to your home before you've even made your next move.

"When you finally decide who you're going to shoot or in which direction you're going to walk, the image frames are already queued and ready for action on your device at home."


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