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Mimecast releases Office 365 services to reassure cloud-wary CIOs

IT Services Joe Curtis

09:45, June 25 2014


Mimecast’s email and archiving cloud solutions tailored for Office 365.

Cloud platform Mimecast has targeted CIOs reluctant to shift email to Office 365 cloud with a raft of new services.

The firm hopes to persuade businesses to migrate email and archiving systems to the cloud by providing protection from targeted attacks and by mitigating risks associated with high availability and data redundancy.

Its new 365-associated services include a High Availability Email Gateway that delivers emails via Mimecast's cloud platform during any outages, Journal Archiving that backs up emails to Mimecast's cloud and allows rapid access to them, as well as Large File Send, which the firm says makes email attachment sizes irrelevant.

Orlando Scott-Cowley, director of technology marketing at Mimecast, said he hoped such services would persuade businesses wary of the cloud to migrate.

He added: "The combination of Microsoft and Mimecast cloud services means even the most conservative of enterprises can embrace the cloud, and decommission the expensive on-premises solutions that have built up on the local area network.

"Organisations now have the ability to choose services from more than one vendor, spreading the risk and protecting both their data and end users. Mimecast's new services for Office 365 are the last piece in the puzzle needed to enable enterprises to make the move to the cloud without further delay."

CBR reported in April that some companies keen to move to Office 365 were being held back by a Microsoft requirement to upgrade their on-premise applications to the 'latest version minus one'.


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