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New technology developed to aid the deployment of cloud contact centres

IT Services Duncan MacRae

10:08, June 25 2014

Transera’s technology separates media infrastructure from application functionality of contact centre software, which is said to reduce the time and cost to deploy new contact centres.

The US Patent Office has awarded a patent to Transera - a company focused on customer engagement analytics in the cloud - for technology critical to multi-source, multi-region deployments of cloud-based contact centre software.

The new technology is said to separate media (voice, email, chat, etc.) infrastructure from cloud-based contact centre management software. This makes it possible for contact centres to serve their customers in each region with their preferred service providers, local or across the globe, without having to deploy separate instances of the contact centre software.

Transera says this dramatically reduces the time and cost of bringing new contact centres online while providing companies with a global view and centralised management of their contact centre operations.

Mukesh Sundaram, Transera's co-founder, senior VP of service management and CTO, said: "This is seminal technology for large contact centre operators, particularly as more organizations look to reduce costs and improve scalability by moving their contact centre software into the cloud.

"Winning the patent is further confirmation of what we set out to do when we started the company: help businesses turn their contact centres into strategic business assets by giving them a global view, massive scalability and the ability to pair customers with the best agent to serve their particular need."

Traditionally with contact centre software, media such as voice traffic has been very difficult to separate from the functionality built into contact centre management software. As a result, contact centre software usually has to be replicated in every region, which eliminates some of the key benefits of moving to the cloud including unifying routing, queuing and reporting. This approach drives up deployment times and costs while introducing challenges in managing and maintaining the software in every region.

Transera has invented a way to separate media infrastructure from application functionality, leveraging open Internet standards such as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Media Server Control Markup Language (MSCML) and Voice XML. With this technology, customers can choose commercial off-the-shelf media gateways and media servers and work with their preferred voice network operator in each region. A single instance of the contact centre management software deployed in the cloud can then route voice traffic globally.

Source: Company Press Release


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