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VMware: public clouds are “modern silos”

IT Services Joe Curtis

14:28, June 11 2014


Virtualisation firm shows off vCloud Hybrid Service.

Public cloud providers create "modern silos" and add complexity to your business, VMware claimed as it showed off its hybrid cloud solution at its vForum event in London.

The virtualisation specialist said companies could move applications seamlessly between their on-premise infrastructure and hybrid cloud environment with its vCloud Hybrid Service.

Its chief technology officer Joe Baguley told the audience: "If you're using the word migrating, you're in the wrong mindset."

And hybrid cloud chief technologist Richard Munro told CBR the service means all the tools companies use on-premise to manage their applications still apply in the cloud - typically not the case with public cloud.

He said enterprises don't migrate everything to one public provider because each service meets only some of their needs, leading to a multitude of providers.

"The way you operate each public cloud is completely different, the tools you have won't work with them," he said. "Effectively what you're doing is creating modern silos like you had in the past. If you do that too many times you're going to have too many silos and a very complex IT estate."

Munro added: "Our design decision has been very different from public cloud. Public cloud has built something and said come and do it our way and we'll try and reach in to what you have already [with plug-ins].

"We add this service as an extension of what you already use."

The company claims its vCloud Hybrid Service provides the flexibility of cloud with the security of on-premise, and could help cut the amount of time the business waits on IT to roll out new services.

"A five-month wait is not good when you're dealing with a line-of-business request," he said. "Maybe they could go to a public cloud, but then they can't bring that back into the organisation.

"With this, what you can do is decide to run this on-premise but first provision this in VMware hybrid cloud on your build and manage it with your tools. Then when I've got the on-premise service stood up I'll just copy it off the hybrid cloud component onto on-premise."

The comments come after Sage told CBR last month that companies are not interested in enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud software because the cloud would render their different ERP systems identical.

Sage ERP CEO Christophe Letellier said: "Cloud by definition is standard. [We must make] sure our product is as configurable as possible. Through configuration you have the opportunity to adapt."

VMware's service comes with a disaster recovery-as-a-service option that Munro conceded doesn't compete with the best enterprise tools on the market, but is aimed at those without existing disaster recovery.

Using it, you can right-click to replicate any virtual machine on your estate in the cloud, with recovery time ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

VMware bought US-based enterprise mobile security provider AirWatch for $1.54bn in January.


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