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Could BlackBerry’s new superthin handset be set to rebuild its flagging fortunes?

Michael Moore

16:50, May 9 2014


The famous keyboard is back in new ‘Windermere’ phone.

Beleaguered smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry appears to be going back to the future as it looks to boost its flagging fortunes with a powerful new flagship device featuring its trademark classic QWERTY keyboard.

Photos and specifications for the upcoming BlackBerry Windermere were leaked earlier by CrackBerry, and seem to show an extremely powerful device which will look to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8.

Most importantly, the device will include a full QWERTY keyboard, harking back to the classic handsets which established BlackBerry as a mobile superpower. This 'Revolutionary Keyboard' will offer, "the fast, accurate typing experience you crave" but will also be able to operate as a full touch screen, including a range of gestures control features.

The Windermere will reportedly include a 4.5-Inch 1440×1440 Full HD LCD screen, the largest of any BlackBerry device to date. It will be powered by a 3450mAh battery which should provide all-day usage, and will include a 13MP rear camera which will work with several new picture-taking features and apps.

The device will also be BlackBerry's slimmest yet, keeping up with the current trend, and will apparently be thinner than the company current flagship Z30, which measures just 9.4mm across. A thin and light stainless steel body will complete the stylish-looking device, which has apparently been inspired by modern architecture.

Source: Company Press Release


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