Apple to implement email encryption between service providers

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13:42, June 16 2014

Tech giant promises to fix security overlapse

Apple is working to implement iCloud email encryption when messages are in transit between service providers, which is not the case now, as confirmed by the company to NPR, an American non-profit media organisation.

NPR recently published a report in which it said that Apple doesn't encrypt email in transit between providers. So essentially, while emails sent from an iCloud email address to another are encrypted, the tech giant is not encrypting emails sent from iCloud to other email providers such as Gmail.

Apple has immediately acted on NPR's report, promising to fix the security oversight. Confirming the same, NPR said that the fix will extend to users of and email addresses.

But Apple's response has not provided any clarification on the inclusion of the latest email addresses in the fix, reports 9to5Mac, though it is likely that those addresses might be included.

Since usage of encryption by both parties is a necessary prerequisite for implementing end-to-end encryption of emails between providers, Apple will now have to collaborate with other email providers.

Apple didn't offer any specific timeline for the security boost.

Last week, Google also started naming email providers publicly who were not encrypting email messages as they passed between companies.

Lots of companies have announced this year that they will add encryption to their networks.

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