Cisco uncovers malware campaign targeting high profile industries

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10:23, July 1 2014

Malware campaign attacked users through malicious e-mails.

Cisco has uncovered a malware campaign called String of Paerls attacks, which targets high profile industries such as television, oil, jewelry, and baking.

The attacks were launched through e-mails containing invoice, purchase order, or receipts specifically designed for the victim.

Cisco researchers stated that: "When the victim opens the Word document, an On-Open macro fires, which results in downloading an executable and launching it on the victim's machine." The attacker used Dropbox to host four distinct pieces of payload to exploit the file sharing service.

Cisco threw some light on the domains named and selombiznet. In. Londonpaerl is a twisted version of the original Londonpearl that deals with pearl jewellery. However, the attacker's domain showed an employment agency.

The Networking giant also discovered the hidden content written into the browser and reveled that it has been operating since 2007.

During the investigation they found out that there were other campaigns associated with the threat actor, but they used other piece of malware.

Cisco also discovered that many of the domains were already suspended because of their malicious activities.

In an attempt to reduce the impact the Dropbox security team disabled the file sharing links after the attacks were reported. And Cisco has also blocked all the domains associated with the threat to ensure the security of their customers.

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