The new tool that 'reduces security management costs'

Data Duncan MacRae

11:12, April 30 2014

Webroot's platform aims to reduce the time and costs associated with security management.

Webroot, a specialist in cloud-based, real-time internet threat detection, has released Webroot SecureAnywhere Global Site Manager, an advanced cloud-based management console for use with its SecureAnywhere Business - Endpoint Protection solution.

The new management tool was developed as a no-cost alternative to the Webroot standard console to enable customers, such as managed services providers (MSPs), to administer more complex SecureAnywhere deployments more efficiently.

The complexity of simultaneously monitoring and managing security of multiple customers or business sites from a central security operations centre can increase time and costs, which can lead to lost margins and poor service levels. As a result, MSPs are constantly looking to maximise their efficiency in managing multiple sites as they scale their business. By offering Global Site Manager as an option, Webroot now provides the management tools to address many of the challenges MSPs face in these complex environments.

Mike Malloy, executive VP of products and strategy at Webroot, said: "The SecureAnywhere cloud-based approach is a perfect fit for customers who are protecting multiple sites, and we recognise that these deployments can have more advanced management requirements.

"With the Webroot new Global Site Manager and our network of remote management and monitoring partners, including LabTech Software and Spiceworks, MSPs gain exceptional management capabilities and superior support, while providing their customers with complete protection against advanced threats and disruptions."
The new console provides MSPs a hierarchical view of the endpoints under their protection, allowing them to go from a global view of their customers and drill down to group and individual user views. This more efficient and structured way of managing complex multi-customer deployments enables MSPs to view in real-time how many devices are deployed by each customer or whether any endpoints need attention.

Global Site Manager is also said to behighly scalable, allowing hundreds of customers and thousands of endpoints to be managed via a single console and yet enables MSPs to immediately identify security incidents that may be impacting one or several of their customers. The new console includes sophisticated threat alerting, reporting and auto-remediation capabilities, which ensure malware is identified and removed before it impacts customers.

Additionally, the console's new auto-provisioning capability enables MSP administrators to automatically issue customers their own unique console and license keys, expediting the deployment to new customers and reducing response times to customer requests for licensing changes.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Global Site Manager is available to all Webroot SecureAnywhere Business - Endpoint Protection customers directly from Webroot.

Source: Company Press Release

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