Top 6 commercial data breaches

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10:17, May 22 2014


With eBay becoming the latest target, what other cyberattacks shook the consumer world recently?

In the past year, security breaches have hit the mainstream with multiple global attacks revealing sensitive information from millions of customer accounts. The latest victim to one of these attacks is eBay, which yesterday admitted that over 200 million of its users may be at risk because of a data breach.

Here are the six largest cyberattacks to happen against commercial firms over the past 12 months.

Yahoo Japan

In May 2013, Yahoo Japan announced a large data breach that affected 22 million accounts. The attack exposed login names to attackers.


"We don't know if the file [containing 22 million user IDs] was leaked or not, but we can't deny the possibility, given the volume of traffic between our server and external terminals," read a statement issued by Yahoo Japan.


In October 2013, 38 million customers' account information was obtained by hackers. Adobe initially reported a breach of 2.8 million, but the figure was then increased to 28 million.


The cyber security breach, reported on 03 October, saw hackers accessing Adobe users' names in addition to credit and debit card numbers and expiration dates.


Online deals firm LivingSocial reported a massive cyberattack on its computer systems last April, which affected over 50 million customers globally.

LivingSocial said that attack resulted in unauthorised access to some customer data from its servers and said it is now working with law enforcement to investigate the issue.

The company said the database that stores customer credit card information was not affected or accessed.

LivingSocial urged users to create a new password, even though the existing password might be difficult to decode.


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