Protect your business in 3 simple steps, as told by RSA’s Art Coviello

Data Duncan MacRae

11:16, March 6 2014

The chief executive of EMC's security division, RSA, shares his advice.

With the speed of technology evolution seemingly bettered only by that of the emerging technology threats, the pressure is really on IT security professionals to up their game and ensure the safety of company data.

Art Coviello, chief executive at infosec firm RSA shares three simple measures that can help them do just that.

1. Think differently about security. Don't think in terms of only being able to prevent attacks. Think in terms of how you're going to detect and respond to intrusions.

2. Get a better handle on risk. By that I mean understand what's really valuable and important to you and construct your regime around that. And do it on a more granular basis. Make sure it's not just the realm of the chief security officer. Ensure all business leaders participate because the security people can't do it alone. The business people understand risk. Operational risk and business risk are converging because technology has become so much a part of how we conduct businesses. Not only do you need to understand what you must protect from the inside out, but also think about what's coming at you from the outside in - who is likely to attack you and how might they come at you?

3. Invest in technologies that allow you to spot these anomalies. There are too many threats nowadays that humans can't be expected to do everything manually. The right technologies will make your life a lot easier.

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