Understanding your data is the key to staying safe, says BlackBerry chief

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15:46, May 2 2014


The worker’s favourite device company sits down to talk mobile security.

With omore than a decade's experience in serving business customers around the world, BlackBerry is no slouch when it comes to ensuring its users stay safe when using its devices.

At the recent Infosec security conference in London, CBR sat down with Michael Brown, VP Security Product Management and Research at BlackBerry, to learn more about the company latest services and what they have planned for the future.

Michael Brown BlackBerry

So what brings BlackBerry to InfoSec and what trends are you seeing at this year's show?

The focus for us this year is around BES10 (the latest version of BlackBerry Enterprise Service) and identifying what is our cross-platform strategy - so how BES10 manages iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. But we're also talking about BlackBerry 10 devices too, and how they fit within that environment.

In many ways, (Infosec 2014) is very much about security, rather than being a standalone, being just one part of the overall solution being offered. So you see a company coming and talking about how their product secures the environment along with all of these other things, like control, like management, like auditing capabilities, whereas in previous times the conversation would be more focused on very specific security offerings - although those are here too.

BlackBerry fits extremely well into the discussion here, as our value proposition has always been 'how can you enable mobility in a safe and secure way?'

In your opinion, what should the average CIO or CISO be focusing on at the moment?

The first thing, first and foremost, should be, what data do you have? It's fascinating - I get a chance to talk to a lot of customers, and often the discussion starts off as being, 'tell me about security and BlackBerry', but it very quickly turns into, 'how does your business operate?' or 'how does mobility fit in?'

To understand that, I need to know what data do you have, what types of protection do you need to have, and what controls are there - and often it's very much an archaeological expedition to get to that point - it's very much a base case of understanding what data you have, and then you can think about how does mobility fit into all of that then as well.

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