Why you should avoid hotel computers

Data Jimmy Nicholls

09:36, July 14 2014


Logging in to hospitality network could leave you in hackers' hands.

The US Secret Service has issued a warning to hotels that the computers they provide to guests run the risk of being compromised with malware.

It follows on the back of arrests against those suspected of corrupting computers in hotels between Dallas and Forth Worth, neighbouring cities in Texas.

"In some cases, the suspects used stolen credit cards to register as guests of the hotels; the actors would then access publicly available computers in the hotel business center, log into their Gmail accounts and execute malicious key logging software," it read.

"The keylogger malware captured the keys struck by other hotel guests that used the business center computers, subsequently sending the information via email to the malicious actors' email accounts."

The alleged hackers are thought to have seized bank login details, personal email accounts, and personally identifiable information, among other sensitive data.

Hotels are advised not to allow guests access to administrator accounts, though this will not prevent the most determined of hackers installing malware through a bootable CD or USB.

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