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5 ways the data centre will be different by 2025

Commercial Joe Curtis

10:28, April 30 2014


How will cloud affect data centre use?

The data centre has come a long way since its emergence from the dotcom bust of the early 2000s.

But Emerson Network Power thinks it's about to change a whole lot more as the firm sought to paint a picture of what it will look like in 12 years' time.

Its four-month research and survey paper, Data Center 2025: Exploring the Possibilities, canvassed more than 800 data centre professionals to try and predict how the data centre of the future will work.

Here's their top five findings.

Data centres will run on solar power

Electric's on its way out. At least partially, with experts predicting a mix of energy sources will provide power in the future. Solar will lead, but nuclear, natural gas and wind will also play a part.

Solar accounted for less than 1% of US-generated power in 2012, but respondents predict it will contribute to 21% of data center power in 2025.

They won't use as much energy, either

Two-thirds of respondents believe data centre infrastructure will require less energy to run, too. Richard Fichera, of Forrester Research, says in his Data Center 2025 video: "A data center being built in going to be immensely energy efficient."

Some of that efficiency is likely to be delivered by cheaper cooling costs, with air economisation - using outside air to cool down servers - being cited by one in five respondents as the primary method of cutting this expense.

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