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VIRTUS Data Centres deploys new cooling technology amidst sizzling summer

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10:10, August 5 2014

Excool technology to bring PUE below 1.2.

VIRTUS Data Centres has deployed a new indirect air cooling technology in its LONDON2 data centre.

The cooling system from Excool will reportedly help reduce energy usage and costs in LONDON2, achieving a design PUE below 1.2.
VIRTUS said that Excool was chosen because of its already proven technology that is simple to deploy and maintain.

Neil Cresswell, CEO, VIRTUS Data Centres said: "The deployment of Excool technology in VIRTUS Data Centres not only demonstrates our commitment to being part of a new, innovative and intelligent group of data centre providers but also that we are serious about our green credentials. By reducing power consumption we are doing our part to support future generations. Finding a balance between innovation and responsibility is very important to VIRTUS Data Centres, and the Excool deployment is another example of our commitment to the environment."

Excool deployments are modular, allowing VIRTUS to roll out additional cooling units in direct proportion to the number of racks and cabinets customers buy and achieve a low PUE much earlier on in the data centres' operational cycle.

Excool uses indirect adiabatic and evaporative cooling technology, adding moisture to outdoor air to cool the data centre. Indirect 'air to air' heat exchange techniques ensure the external and internal data centre atmospheres never meet, safeguarding against contamination.

Mark Collins, Director, Excool said: "Excool technology reduces the risk, cost and energy consumption of future data centre cooling systems. By deploying Excool VIRTUS Data Centres has demonstrated how seriously they take their green responsibilities. Excool is a tried and tested methodology that will provide VIRTUS Data Centre customers with an operationally sound cooling system that uses less power and is more cost effective than existing methods."


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