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Dubai follows FBI’s lead by monitoring social media 24-7

Management Tineka Smith

07:05, April 5 2012

Dubai Police are now monitoring Twitter and Facebook around the clock to catch anyone who criticises the UAE.

The Dubai Chief of Police has pushed for legal action against those on Twitter who criticise the UAE (United Arab Emirates), following the lead of countries such as the US in tracking dissidents.

Lt General Dahi was referring to Muslim brotherhood tweeters who had insulted some Emirati citizens via Twitter, according to Gulf News.

"Some Emirati citizens, who were defending the UAE and its rulers against verbal insults and negative criticism, have been called nabbeeha [barking persons]," said Dahi.

"I call on the country's top member of the judiciary to take legal action against that faction of tweeters, who abused our nation and leaders."

The General said that the freedom available on social media sites was being abused by the Muslim Brotherhood, who was turning them into sites of social 'disharmony'.

"We aim to clean Twitter's space from any abuse. We want to make it a social networking medium and not a tool to create disharmony and disintegration. Our country's security and safety is a top priority... we will do whatever it costs to protect our country against any attack or abuse," he said.

In a report by Emirates 24/7 News, the crackdown on social media sites is going forward. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will now be monitored at all times.

"These electronic patrols are detecting and tracking all topics and materials written and presented on these websites," said deputy director of anti electronic crimes for the Dubai Police.

"Any violation of the law at these web sites will be considered as abuse and will be punishable as in the real world," he said.

In the US, the FBI has publicly said that it is already monitoring Facebook and Twitter for intelligence purposes.

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