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10 free apps you need on your new Surface Pro 3

Server Jimmy Nicholls

14:33, June 23 2014


Set up your new tablet-laptop hybrid with social media, films, music and more.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 has finally launched, having been announced a little over a month ago. With a screen size of 12 inches and a battery life of up to nine hours, this tablet-laptop hybrid is an intriguing proposition. The question is, what apps do you need?

1) Twitter

Twitter app for Surface Pro 3

No doubt the first thing you will want to do after booting your new computer up is to brag to your many thousands of followers about it. As well as the obvious features, this app allows you to manage multiple accounts - handy for managing both your personal and business accounts.

2) Kindle

Kindle app for Surface Pro 3

Amazon's ebook store is the best in the world right now, disputes with a few publishers over prices notwithstanding. Kindle users are only a few clicks away from millions of books, and many classic titles are available for free.

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