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10 Kindle Paperwhite ereader cases

Server Joe Curtis

13:55, July 24 2014


You’ve got the device, now get a case.

Kindle ereaders have sparked a microindustry all their own - with companies dedicated to pushing out gadgets designed to augment your reading experience. But, as most people who've dropped their Paperwhite will know, all you really need is a solid case. Here's 10 options to get you started.


Anker Synthetic Leather Case Cover

Kindle Anker

This lightweight case is designed for one-handed reading, so you don't have to worry about a case that adds a load of weight to your Kindle. The fact the material is designed to be oil and water proof (they say anti-oil and anti-water), as well as wear resistant, should release you from any qualms about stuffing it roughly into your bag as you get off the train.


Belkin Pleat Sleeve

Not only will this sleek little beauty hold your ereader, it has space enough for your charger as well. The fact it's made of neoprene means it's nice and durable as well as soft and pretty stylish. As far as cases go, this one is very impressive.


MarBlue SportGrip

Kindle MarBlue

The oddly-named SportGrip is confusing - I can't imagine reading a book while playing squash or running. But the silicone shell is comfortable to grip, sturdy and simplicity itself: you get four colours to pick from and that's it, so a great one for the minimalist fans.


Swees Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case

This synthetic leather case has the convenient feature of waking up or sending to sleep your Kindle by opening or closing the cover. It also includes a screen protector and its microfibre suede interior prevents any scratches. This comes in one colour, black.



Kindle CaseGuru

This faux-leather case for your Paperwhite offers plenty of cushioning against bumps while also doubling as a stand, the back niftily flipping over to support your Kindle on long train rides where holding it yourself is just. Too. Much. Effort.


Markstore PU Leather Flip Smart Case

This magnetic flip case boasts an auto sleep/wake function for your Kindle as well as making a swanky device look even swankier.


Incipio Atlas Waterproof Case

Kindle Incipio

Enjoy reading while you swim? Want to really experience the crashing waves of Moby Dick while in the middle of the classic book? No problem with this case, which is waterproof for up to two metres for 30 minutes. Just remember goggles.


Semoss Wallet Leather Case

This Hong Kong case is soft and will protect your Paperwhite from most dings and scrapes, while lacking the hard shell that offers stronger protection - but a perfect one for stuffing into your bag.


Dark Red Hearts Kindle Case

Kindle Dark Red Hearts

Miss Pretty London makes this handmade, laminated case that holds your Kindle tight with four elastic grips.


Verso Kindle Cover

This one fits Paperwhite, Kindle Touch and just plain Kindle, too. With a sturdy cover boasting an embossed, antique design, it's the perfect case to read Game of Thrones in. For the frequent traveller, there's a handy (and soft) microfibre interior pocket for stuffing receipts and the like in.


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