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5 things we’re expecting from Apple’s WWDC conference (and two we’re not)

Michael Moore

12:20, June 2 2014


Could we see an iWatch or iPhone 6 for the first time?

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicks off today in San Francisco with an address from CEO Tim Cook, and should feature a variety of announcements. Although an iPhone 6 may well not make an appearance, the company should still have some interesting reveals up its sleeve, which could well include the following...

iOS 8

The unveiling of iOS 8 is probably the most obvious announcement, given a number of leaks in recent weeks. Alongside the usual software fixes, (which should include major updates for Maps and Siri) we're expecting a much more health-focused offering in the new OS, including Apple's new Healthbook software, which will look to keep track with the growing wearable technology market by tracking and displaying your vital statistics, including steps, heart rate and blood pressure. Whether this is from existing devices or from Apple's own wearables remains to be seen however...

iPhone Mobile Payments

Apple has been heavily embracing the retail sector recently, throwing a lot of weight behind its iBeacons technology, which uses location-based tracking to send consumers push notifications featuring offers or vouchers. With the release of iOS 8, Apple could well introduce a dedicated payments app or service linked directly to your iPhone or iPad, allowing for contactless payments, letting you skip the queues altogether. This may well be integrated with the TouchID system found on the iPhone 5S, which could link biometric information from the user in order to authenticate payments.

OS X 10.10

Alongside its mobile OS, Apple has also confirmed that we'll be getting a look at the new version of its Mac OS at WWDC. Reportedly named "Yosemite", OS X could well feature a full redesign somewhat akin to the style seen in iOS 7, with "toggle designs" similar to the mobile offering, sharper window corners, more defined icons and more white space than in its predecessor, OS X 10.9 Mavericks.


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