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Apple recalls 2012 MacBook Air over faulty flash storage issue

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08:59, October 23 2013


Affected flash storage drives would be replaced for free.

Apple is recalling MacBook Air computer line-up, which is claimed to be hit with a faulty flash drive issue leading to loss of all the stored data.

Affecting the device's 64GB and 128GB versions sold during June 2012- 2013, consumers owning the faulty models will be offered with a free replacement.

Apple said in a statement that certain 64GB and 128GB flash storage drives used in the previous generation of MacBook Air systems may fail.

"Apple or an Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP) will replace affected flash storage drives, free of charge," the iPhone maker said.

Users can test whether the drive is affected by launching the Mac App Store and choose 'Updates', if no update entitled as 'Firmware Update 1.1' comes into view, the system remains unaffected.

The latest MacBook Air issue could erase all of users' data stored in the device except they frequently back-up their concerned flash drives.

"If your drive is affected, we strongly recommend that you do not install any operating system updates or new applications," Apple added.

"We also recommend backing up your data on a regular basis until you receive a replacement drive. Learn more about backup options."

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