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Ixia unveils 400GbE test platform for network developers

IT Network Amy-jo Crowley

10:31, June 11 2014

The platform can download 50,000 Netflix video streams at once.

Ixia has introduced a 400GbE Ethernet test platform it claims will help network engineers build networks that can handle the growing demand for bandwidth.

The 400GbE JumpStart Test system is a developer tool kit that allows customers to shorten development and test time of upcoming Ethernet technologies.

Ixia said the system can reach data-transfer speeds of 400Gb/s and is fast enough to download 50,000 Netflix high-definition video streams simultaneously.

Key features include wire rate packet generation at 400 Gb/s below the minimum and above the maximum Ethernet frame sizes.

Errol Ginsberg, Ixia's chairman and CEO, said: "In an exceedingly competitive market, equipment manufacturers must deliver increasingly higher-speed networking solutions. We're committed to providing the solutions our customers need to develop, test and validate the networking technologies of the future,"

"Ixia developed the world's first 40 and 100GbE test platforms, now with 400GbE, we continue to lead the industry in creating the solutions that enable the network to work every time and everywhere."

Ixia has already completed the first 400GbE interoperability test with Ciena.

Source: Company Press Release


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