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LTE subscribers pull in more data than 3G users

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10:02, June 23 2014

A positive trend for mobile operators.

Mobile data usage by LTE subscribers in leading markets was far greater than that of 3G consumers in the first four months of the year.

According to the usage data from Mobidia's Mega-Panel from Asian and US markets there has been a continuous month-over-month rise in data consumed by LTE subscribers.

Operators have been hit with challenges of thwart erosion to mobile-data business due to Wi-Fi as well as integrating Wi-Fi with other mobile and fixed broadband offerings in a bid to make them the driving force for LTE subscriptions.

Mobidia marketing senior vice president Chris Hill said that the company's mega-panel of LTE subscribers continues to grow in all the major markets.

"We have millions of subscribers around the world providing insights on how LTE technology is changing consumption habits on mobile devices -- and the changes continue to look positive for operators that have invested in LTE," Hill added.

Further, report also added that there has been continued dependence of smartphone subscribers on Wi-Fi networks this year, compatible with trends detected over the past few years.

During the period, LTE consumption in Hong Kong rose by 100% compared to 3G subscribers, while LTE subscribers in Japan, South Korea and the US were ahead in monthly data usage per subscriber.

Across all the major LTE markets, Wi-Fi usage corresponded to 75-90% of overall mobile data consumed.

In case of both cellular and Wi-Fi usage, South Korean subscribers averaged over 12GB of mobile data consumed per month, while the rate was low for subscribers in Japan and Russia with 10GB data consumed.


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