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CIOs facing IT infrastructure challenge can test top tools at Technology Innovation Centre

Joe Curtis

10:19, May 20 2014


Microsoft, NetApp and Citrix all showcasing tools for SMBs at Phoenix-funded centre.

CIOs facing the challenge of overhauling SMBs' IT infrastructure can test the latest tech industry tools for the job at the newly-opened Technology Innovation Centre in the West Midlands.

IT professionals can use the Aston-based centre, funded by managed IT services firm Phoenix, to test real life scenarios based on their own applications, data and servers, using tools from the likes of Microsoft, NetApp and Citrix to see what works best.

Mike Osborne, managing director of business continuity services at Phoenix, said the centre could provide crucial help for mid-market businesses left largely ignored by larger IT vendors.

"In the mid-market, firms are not on the radar of the big vendors and therefore are left to pick through options without being fully informed," he claimed. "This is the concern we are aiming to address.

"We have the ability to use our huge IT recovery inventory to provide a testing ground for customers to enable them to make decisions that lead to a modern, resilient and scalable IT infrastructure with confidence."

Phoenix, which spent a six-figure sum on developing the centre, has already showcased various cloud, virtualisation and homeworking solutions to CIOs during an open day, and is set to hold a follow-up on Thursday, June 5.

Jason Wouhra, the chairman of the Institute of Directors in the West Midlands, said: "For senior decision makers of a business who do not have the technical know-how, the centres provide an honest and ultimately comfortable outlet to learn and understand what works for them without imposing risks across their business."

For more details around the upcoming open day, please click here.


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