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Japan trials 4K Ultra-HD TV broadcast

CBR Staff Writer

10:12, June 3 2014

Japan plans to broadcast full-fledged 4K TV broadcast ahead of 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

A consortium of major Japanese broadcasters, TV manufacturers and communications operators called Next Generation Television & Broadcasting Promotion Forum (NexTV-F) have launched ultra-HD TV broadcast in the country.

The 4K broadcast is first such broadcast anywhere in the world through a communication satellite which will have four times the resolution of standard high-definition televisions.

Japan's Internal Affairs and Communication Ministry vice minister, Yoko Kamikawa, said: "I think it's wonderful that 4K broadcasting through a satellite will be available in households nationwide for the first time in the world."

"We will continue working towards a full-fledged 4K broadcast and 8K test broadcasting in 2016," Kamikawa said.

During the test, broadcasters will beam TV programmes featuring music and travel for six hours a day which can be viewed with special TV sets and SKY Perfect antenna.

Japan wants to broadcast full-fledged 4K TV broadcast ahead of 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics hoping that it will boost the slumping TV sales, benefiting Japanese manufacturers.

Following the 4K broadcast, the consortium plans to test 8K TVs which will quadruple the resolution of 4K TV.

The consortium is backed by several broadcasting platforms, broadcasters, consumer electronics manufacturer, carriers, broadcasting equipment manufacturers and advertising firms.

Japanese company Sony has already signed a deal with FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) to collaborate on 4K match production.

As part of the deal they will be producing 2014 FIFA World Cup Film in 4K Ultra HD, and produce three full matches in 4K to promote 4K TV content.


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