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LTEC demonstrates wireless transmission of 4K video

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13:59, July 16 2014

LTEC is a Japan-based systems, circuits and intellectual property analysis firm

LTEC has developed a 4k60p Wireless Transmission System in collaboration with Hitachi Kokusai Electric and Techno Mathematical which can wirelessly transmit 4k videos in real time.

The company demonstrated the technology during the 1st Live Entertainment & Event Expo (LIVENT) in Tokyo. According to Nikkei Technology, the system will be used to stream events, digital singnage and concerts.

The system has TMC's "TM5184MJC encoder and a decoder and Sinelink FX wireless transceiver along with 4k display.

The transmission system provides 95Mbps wireless transmission, 25GHz band wireless frequency and offers 60fps and pixel count of 3,840 x 2,160 with DVI input/output interface.

Techno Mathematical said: "The 4k60p Wireless Transmission System can wirelessly transmit and receive high-resolution 4k video data in real time.

"Though some other wireless transmission systems have already been proposed, they cause a long lag in transmission, making it difficult to call them real-time systems."

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