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Nvidia plans to launch a new Android-based gaming device

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13:53, July 15 2014

The device could be Shield Tablets that previously appeared in the FCC documents.

Nvidia is planning to launch a new Android-based gaming device that can play Android games natively and stream Windows games from a PC.

The company also plans to produce a separate low cost controller, which might offer graphics-intensive gaming to TV screen and on the go, to run productivity software along with Android apps.

The new gaming device will run PC titles via Nvidia GeForce Experience system, which requires the players to fit Nvida's graphics card to their PC.

The device is expected to run Android apps and GameStream via the gaming companies Tegra KI chip, which includes a 192-core GPU, and an ARM-based central processing unit (CPU). The chip enables high graphics performance and powerful computing.

According to the BBC, this might be Nvidia's move to publicise the Tegra KI chip to make it appealing to tablet and smartphone makers.

These features of the new device will be similar to the company's existing Shield, a gaming device that can stream PC games via Wi-Fi (as a test beta feature) and run Android apps, but the device is not compact.

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