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UK women say dating apps lead to cheating

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09:00, May 6 2014


Disagreement between men and women over dating sites and apps.

Over two thirds of women believe signing into a dating site or app by their partners can lead to cheating while only 43% of men feel the same, according to a survey conducted by the UK's YouGov.

Another 52% of the women also believe that sending flirty messages to someone could be termed as cheating while only 32% men believe similarly.

The survey of 1813 adults found that about 53% of men and 74% of women said sending naked images to someone else is cheating.

"Of all the scenarios that could be considered as cheating, using Tinder causes the most disagreement," the survey said.

"24 percentage points stands between women and men on the issue."

The research revealed 74% of men believed that paying for sex with a prostitute could amount to cheating, 82% of them believed one night stand could be termed as cheating while 87% of them believed having regular sex with someone could amount to cheating.

In contrary, about 89% of the women believed paying for sex is cheating, 92% called a one night stand cheating while 95% of them believed that having regular sex with someone would be termed as cheating.

The survey found 10% of the women believed that watching porn by partners could be termed as cheating while only 3% of men believed so.

Apart from signing into dating apps and websites, other big areas of disagreement between men and women was on kissing, with 64% of women considering it to be cheating compared to 42% of men.


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