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Cisco joins containerisation trend with Red Hat partnership

Software Amy-jo Crowley

10:03, September 2 2014


The networking firm is making Docker and Linux containers a part of its emerging "Intercloud".

Cisco has teamed up with Linux vendor Red Hat to use software-defined networking (SDN) to make Docker and Linux containers a part of its emerging "Intercloud".

The move is part of Cisco Cloud Services' effort to create a free movement of applications into different clouds using "enterprise-class controls".

Kenneth Owens, CTO of Cisco Cloud Services, in a blog post said: "Cisco Cloud Services is creating an Intercloud of container and micro-services in a cloud native and hybrid CI/CD model across Openstack, Vmware, and Public clouds. Look for availability early next year."

Cisco is working with Red Hat in using SDN and "application-optimised infrastructure" to automate network configuration and address other shortcomings related to containerisation, according to a white paper by Owens.

The companies are also jointly working on improving security as "Currently, kernel exploits at the host operating-system level affect all containers on the host".

The companies believe containerisation requires improved management orchestration tools, plus better ways to create, deploy and retire containers.

"Workloads requiring the highest availability must not lose their connection when they migrate to another physical or virtual host. An open-source project called CRIU (Checkpoint/Restore in Userspace) satisfies part of this requirement. CRIU continues to mature," the white paper added.

There were no details as to when Cisco and Red Hat will bring these improvements to market.

Source: Company Press Release


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