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Can UK users count on Dropbox?

Duncan MacRae

10:05, July 23 2014


File sharing specialist Dropbox is preparing to open a UK office to help push its European business, but do the numbers add up?

Dropbox is set to open its UK office, and is feverishly searching for a country manager to head up its business here. But it's actually already rather popular in the UK, despite having a lack of presence here to date. The numbers say it all...


The average number of times customers interact with Dropbox for business every day.

1 billion

The number of files saved with Dropbox daily.


The number of apps on the Dropbox platform.

1 billion+

The number of shared folders and links.


The percentage of Dropbox users based outside of the US.


The percentage of UK Internet users who use Dropbox.


The percentage of SMEs that use Dropbox.


The percentage of highly engaged Dropbox users active on mobile.


The number of highly engages users who sign up through mobile.


The percentage increase in the number of files viewed on mobile devices in the UK compared to the global average.

Source: Company Press Release


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