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OneDrive users falling victim to Office corruption bug

Storage Ben Sullivan

10:14, September 2 2014


Sync 'n' Share service problem yet to be addressed by Microsoft.

Users of Microsoft's sync 'n' share service OneDrive are reporting that the platform is corrupting their Office 2013 files when being opened.

Users turned to the Microsoft support forums to find help and vent frustration, and the problem seems to be caused by a bug that affectes files which are created on a local drive in Excel and then modified on Office Online.

Following the file modification, if a user tries to reopen the file locally, an error message will appear reading: "format or file extension is not valid".

According to various reports, the bug kicked in on August 27th.

Mike Small, an analyst at Kuppinger Cole, said in a blog post: "This example illustrates some of the downsides of using a cloud service. Cloud services are very convenient when they work, but when they don't work you may have very little control over the process to fix the problem. You are completely in the hands of the CSP (Cloud Service Provider)."

Microsoft has yet to respond to comment or make an official recognition of the bug. However, the following tweet came from OneDrive employee Arcadiy Kantor in reply to OneDrive user Paul Berry.


Last week, Microsoft announced itsOneDrive for Business Android app, further cementing the cloud first, mobile first business strategy.

The app promises advanced security features, but rather strangely, users of Windows Phone mobile will actually have to wait a little longer for the new features. iOS users will also have to wait a few more months too.

The release was announced on the Microsoft Office blog, and Microsoft director of product management for Office 365 Reuben Krippner said: "Today we are excited to announce the first OneDrive for Business native experience on Android, part of a significant update to the existing personal OneDrive app. It's our first app that brings together OneDrive and OneDrive for Business in a single experience."

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