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VIRTUS Data Centres kickstart cloud 'market place'

Storage Ben Sullivan

09:51, July 17 2014


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A 'market place' has been launched by London's VIRTUS Data Centres, which will allow its customers to showcase their services and increase transparency of their offerings.

Simply named VIRTUS Market Place, customers can browse VIRTUS' ecosystem of Cloud Connect, Connectivity Platform, Bespoke Solutions and Services partners. The most suitable service can be contacted directly from the Market Place.

Matthew Larbey, who takes the reigns for VIRTUS Data Centres' product strategy, said: "The VIRTUS Data Centre Market Place provides customers with an easy way to find, discover and connect to our ecosystem of best-of-breed partners and suppliers.

Prospective customers have complete visibility into the choice of connectable services that are reachable from our facilities - we recognise this is hugely important during their data centre selection process and not just after they become an actual customer."

Earlier this month, CBR spoke to Claranet's corporate development director who said that cloud service providers need to up their game when it comes to being transparent with their customers.

Martin Saunders said: "I think the transparency bit is really interesting. It's something in the last couple of years that we've really started to understand the value of. We have a strategy focusing on building customer trust. For us, trust has four major elements in it. It's about being expert, being reliable, being financially strong, and being transparent."

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