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Ten greatest time management tools on the entire web

Software Jimmy Nicholls

15:42, June 25 2014


Whatever the platform, we can save you time.

There's never enough time, is there? Between work, family and socialising it can be hard to keep track of what needs to be done, and when you have to do it. If only technology had the answer...

1) Focus Booster

Focus Booster

Price: Free or £1.70 per month
Platform: Web browser, Windows or Mac

This app works on the premise that work is best done in short bursts, with 25 minutes of work followed by five minutes of break, or whatever is preferred. Once the timer has been set up users can work until it beeps, with the results logged so they can be viewed later.

2) Toggl


Price: Free or £3
Platform: Web browser, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone

Another time tracking app, Toggl lets you keep a log of what you are doing throughout the day through a simple interface, presenting you with a bar showing how the day was spent. Data is stored offline and online, which will come as a relief to those with poor connections, and can be manually entered if you have forgotten to queue up a task.

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