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Evernote redesigns its web interface

Software Tineka Smith

06:44, October 2 2012

The service that lets a person share individual notes through social networks, IM or email has made it easier to do so through its new web upgrade.

Evernote has upgraded its web design for better note sharing and improved notebook icons.

"When viewing someone's note, click on the share icon to re-share it with the social network of your choice," said Evernote. "If the shared note has several images in it, then click on the Slideshow icon to launch the Slideshow view. Plus, if you're logged into Evernote Web, then you can copy the shared note into your account."

Evernote has redesigned all of the note book icons as well as adding a label at the top of the note list so users know which notebook they are in. The new design also has larger and clearer texts.


Evernote was recently implemented as a plug-in for the social media management dashboard, Hootsuite. The integration aims to enable users to send social media content to third party applications.

The Evernote application for HootSuite will now allow users to add social media messages to texts, webpages, images and voice memos. The collaboration will create a new way to create notes from social media content and manage notebooks within streams.

"This tighter coupling between HootSuite and integrated apps with Plugins greatly extends the power of both," said Andy Au, content producer at HootSuite. "You can look forward to more apps and integrations that make use of this functionality for Customer Support, CRM, Digital Marketing, Publishing/Content Curation and more."

Hootsuite, which estimates it will have 6 million users by the end of 2012, launched its App Directory in 2011 and have recently added applications like Instagram and Slideshare to its directory.

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