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Facebook releases new marketplace app

Management Tineka Smith

10:44, December 12 2012

The social network has created a new application for its preferred marketer developer programme.

The preferred marketing developer programme has brought developers and clients together to build Facebook campaigns and establishes presences.

Facebook said the ecosystem has more than 260 members across 35 countries so far.

The new PMD centre is an application replacing the original PMD directory launched earlier this year.

The programme places developers and marketers together to make social marketing easier and more effective for brands and companies.

The new PMD centre will also companies to find companies they need to build enterprise tools and apps.

The centre will feature company profile pages with case studies, white papers and local office details.

There will also be speciality lists to help marketers understand the main expertise of each PMD.

Facebook recently launched a feature in which developers can now see which mobile platforms are the sources of traffic.

The new feature allows developers to see where and from which mobile platforms their traffic is coming from, including the iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile browser.

"We hope this helps developers understand which mobile platforms are the source of actions published to Facebook and which mobile platforms are the source of referral traffic," said Jeff Bowen, Platform developer relations at Facebook.

The company also launched a new tool for developers to download daily payment reports instead of calling the API. The tool supports daily downloads of all transaction available through the API which includes detail and digest reports for the prior 45 days.



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