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07:00, June 6 1994

Hewlett-Packard Co this week unveils its new VMEbus single board computer, the HP 9000 Series 700 Model 743, which it claims has the same functionality as an HP 9000 Series 700 workstation, today's edition of our sister paper Unigram.X reports. The Model 743 is aimed at systems integrators and OEM customers that supply real-time data acquisition systems to such markets as aerospace and defence, manufacturing, telecommunications, and research and medical. It can be installed in a custom enclosure, and comes in two configurations that run HP-UX - the 64MHz PA-7100LC RISC-based Model 743i/64 is said to perform at 67 SPECint92 and 99 SPECfp92; and the 100MHz PA-7100LC RISC-based Model 743i/100 is rated at 101 SPECint92 and 139SPECfp92. Both have on-board colour graphics capabilities, but two graphics displays can be supported by adding mezzanine graphics boards. They also have VME64 functionality, for throughput of between 33Mb and 44Mb per second for block transfers and between 9Mb and 13Mb per second for single transfers. The Model 743s come in single slot entry-level versions with up to 128Mb of ECC RAM and 256Kb of cache memory, and double slot versions, which enable customers to add different input-output options and increase memory to 256Mb. They are available now, starting at $4,355. The Model 7f?t, meanwhile, runs HP-RT, while customers can also go for a complete workstation based on the board, the HP 9000 Model 748i. This has a Hewlett enclosure, can be rack-mounted, has four EISA expansion slots, eight VMEbus slots, and runs HP-UX version 9.05. The 743rt and the 748i follow in the second half; no pricing.

Hewlett-Packard will also today reveal a reorganisation intended to increase its 1.5% share of the computer services market, and grow it 30%, the Wall Street Journal said.


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